July 9 16 Days of Surprises

“Surprise is key in all art.” Oscar Niemeyer

Today, as a family, my mom, two sons and I decided that we will not send my youngest son to New Orleans next week for a family reunion, as has been planned for the last year. He was going to his dad’s family’s reunion but there is just too much negativity swirling regarding race relations in our country for me to send my child out into this sea of uncertainty. I am not one for allowing the media portrayal of a situation to determine where I do and do not go, but this isn’t me, this is my child, and I don’t take the same chances with him. My sons are Black males and that currently is not a very safe thing to be in this country. They’ve known that since they were both about five years old, sadly.

I certainly don’t aim to dwell on the very heavy topic of race relations too much with my boys or on my blog. We talk openly about it and we move forward with love. My plan to move forward with love today is to “surprise” my youngest son every day for the next 16 days leading up to his 16th birthday. For the next 16 days, he will have a package of some sort to open which will contain goodies, cash, something fun to do, clues, candy, or something else that he likes leading up to his birthday on the 24th. I will give him a camera to photograph or make videos or whatever else he wants to do creatively to show his use of that day’s surprise.

My son is a gift. I thought about what I could do for him to let him know that. In each of his daily packages, he has a story, memory or something personal from me to him that lets him know just how much I value him in my life. No spoilers here, I may have to update this post later, with his permission, if he wants to share his photos and videos.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Walter Ernest says:

    A loving mom you are.


    1. Doing my best. Thank you.


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