July 15 Nirvana, Underground, Ducks & Beatz

A quiet moment at the Kurt Cobain Memorial Bench, Viretta Park, Seattle, Washington

I affectionately call the ’90’s “My Lost Decade”. I was going through a lot o’ shizz in the ’90’s. Yep, the whole freaking decade. And since I hadn’t really developed any sustainable coping skills, I partied my way through it. Yep, the whole freaking decade. I am a rocker at heart, always have been, so when Seattle gave birth to grunge, I loved that baby like it was my own. Raves were all the rave in the ’90’s and you could catch me any night of the week in butterfly wings, body paint and glitter doing my thang on a stage or in a cage – whatevs. Burning Man – check! I once had my own parade from Fisherman’s Wharf to North Beach, complete with a boombox, me in fire flame hotpants, and a melangerie of people willing to follow me through the streets of San Francisco for no good reason other than the fact that I said, “Follow me.” I got the infamous love symbol tattoo inked on my belly in an even more infamous attempt to get myself on MTV. I pierced body parts. I danced on stage with Prince in Oakland and Las Vegas. I worked for the Oakland Raiders and did my alcohol industry spokesmodel nightclub gigs (no, really, that was a real job). I did not refuse an invitation to ANYTHING in the ’90’s. It was my time. And so… I have many “music” memories: songs that transport me, body and soul, to another place and time when I hear them. The band, Nirvana, fronted by lead singer, Kurt Cobain, made up much of the soundtrack to my life in the ’90’s. And then he was gone.

Today I went to Kurt Cobain’s Memorial Bench in Viretta Park in Seattle. Many, many people have visited this bench and left momentos like cigarettes, pennies, flowers, song lyrics, notes tied to the bench with ribbons. It was beautiful in the sad way that only grave sites of legendary musicians who died at the age of 27 from a shot to the head can be. Dang. Heavy.

I went on an underground tour of Seattle (Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour located smack dab in Pioneer Square) led by Janelle (super awesome tour guide). I got the quick and dirty rundown of Seattle’s fire, plumbing and sex trade history. Janelle is hilarious, very knowledgeable on the history of Seattle and she delivers history the only way history should be delivered: with the right dose of humor, cynicism and facts to cement in your brain the truth that all we ever really know is what they tell us, baby. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and I recommend it if you ever go to Seattle. Ask for Janelle’s tour, she’s everything that Seattle gets right. I love this place! I got my First parking ticket in Seattle today, it just goes with the territory. Keep moving.

From bucolic, tree-strewn neighborhoods, to Seattle’s seedy underground and onto the water! This is Seattle, hello! I went on the Ride The Ducks Tour today (located across the street from the Space Needle). Riding the ducks is a bus that starts out as a city tour then literally drives into the water and becomes a boat. I am not kidding! I have a video, check it out. I saw the most spectacular views of downtown from the water. I learned the difference between houseboats (movable, not connected to sewer), floating homes (permanently attached to a dock, only 500 allowed so if you want to move you have to trade spaces with someone else – no motor, has to be pulled) and house barges (also no motor, has to be pulled).

Then on a fluke, I landed right in the middle of a beats throw down between local, competing beats producers. It was cool to hear their original and borrowed beats. The winner was “Deli” spelled like the sandwich? or “Delhi” spelled like the India? I don’t know but we had a good time watching and listening and dancing before heading onto the Great Wheel for a late night spin! I LOVE THIS CITY!!!!!!

A love offering left by a fan


This is the one that choked me up, big time: “My parents still talk about you. RIP.”


I hugged a tree because it’s been a while
The Central – the bar where Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden all got their start


The underground tour started on the first floor of this building which is now located underground, it’s complicated….
We went in the bank building (underground) and saw the Prospector’s Cage where gold was traded for cash twenty four hours a day by the Yukon Gold Rush Prospectors ( I think I have that right, you may have to go on the tour to fact-check me)
Janelle, the Underground Tour guide – she was superfab!
Definitely underground
I parked in this lot and started reading the wall – weird. I don’t know what it’s actually called but I am going to call it the Lovelorn Wall. I can totally relate.
Finally got to Biscuit Bitch during business hours
Ordered the Hot Mess Bitch because, you know…
Loved the ambience so much, I considered getting a job here! But do you see that guy off to the right? He was about to say: “Go get my food, Bitch!” And that’s all it would have taken is one time… Just kidding. “Bitch” is spoken with the utmost love and respect in this trailer- park-turned-respectable-restaurant establishment.
Ride the Ducks. Do it!
Bus to boat



Captain and First Mate
Ahhhh, the views from the water. Love at first sight.
Did we ever stop laughing? I don’t think so.


Enjoying the music

night ferry



night ferry2



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