July 19 Full Moon Run and Ghost Tour

Full Moon Run along the Bosque, Rio Grande, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“It would be difficult to write a convincing ghost story set on a sunny day in a big city.” Susan Hill

Tonight was a full moon. We went for a Full Moon Run down in the Bosque for a First. A bosque is a wooded area found near the floodplains of a river or stream in the southwestern United States. This was a lot of fun and about a hundred people came out to run/walk. I went with my mom, son and co-workers. I was eaten alive by the mosquitos. I did not know there were mosquitoes in Albuquerque. I am so rarely, if ever, near the water that I did not think about mosquitoes. Near my house, I have NEVER seen a mosquito, ever. There is no water and therefore, no mosquitoes. The river in Albuquerque is the Rio Grande, it means Big River in Spanish.

Tonight I also went to a full moon Ghost Tour in Old Town in Albuquerque (Albuquerque has been a city since 1706! To me, that means there is no shortage of ghosts in this place). I learned that the Rio Grande did indeed used to be grande (now it looks like a creek). It was once 8 miles wide. Many of the ghost stories were about love gone bad. Joshua, the tour guide at Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque, gave us the low-down on Sarah and her daughter, Rufina, who haunt the Church Street Cafe. In order to appease Sarah, all current employees are “encouraged” to say “Goodnight, Sarah” each night at closing. Scarlet, a red-haired, working girl at the brothel, formerly housed in the Covered Wagon Store, likes to entice men to follow her around corners where she disappears abruptly. The Hatchet Lady chases couples walking around Old Town with a hatchet. Wait…what? There is the young woman who was murdered behind the Hacienda Del Rio Restaurant (where she worked), by her boyfriend, before he took his own life. The restaurant where she used to work mysteriously gets cleaned up and toilet paper gets handed to restroom-goers underneath the stall exactly when they need it by a woman with red nail polish. Weird. But helpful.

We listened to many EVP recordings with the voices of alleged ghosts on them. EVP’s are electronic voice phenomena: voices that are heard on recordings but not necessarily heard at the time of the recording by those in attendance. The EVP’s were played for us at the exact site where they were recorded which totally added to my freaked-out-ness. The one that wasn’t played for us is the one that creeped me out the most. The paranormal investigator who recorded it supposedly would not turn the recording over to the Ghost Tour. The reason was because it was too sad. The voice recording was a little girl and the part that we were allowed to hear, clearly said: “If you die, you can stay forever.” The recording we weren’t allowed to hear was the little girl saying: “Awww…..Are you leaving now?” We were standing on a plaza that housed gift shops and ice cream parlors, formerly a cemetery for the San Felipe de Neri Parish directly across the street (some graves were moved before the plaza was built, but most were not – so we were standing on this little ghost girl’s grave). He was right, that was sad.

Even though it was a full moon, it got pretty dark out there!
The Church Street Cafe which is well documented in Albuquerque as being haunted by Sarah and her daughter, Rufina Ruiz
Hacienda Del Rio restaurant where a murdered woman who was known to always have blood red fingernail polish, sometimes hands toilet paper underneath the stall to women in the restroom
Joshua, our tour guide at the back gate to the brothel where men would enter to visit the women inside (away from the watchful eyes of the San Felipe de Neri Church directly across the plaza). Scarlet, a murdered, red haired woman is known to show up here often.
During the tour my mom decided to take a seat and the tour guide, Joshua, informed us that there was a grave half in and half out of the building underground in the exact place that she decided to sit.

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