July 22 Freeloader

Look how happy I am when I don’t have to drive

“I want my kids to grow up to be freeloading moochers.” Said no mother ever.

Someone dared me to go to a hotel (in which I am not currently a paying guest) and either 1). take a dip in the pool, or 2). eat the continental breakfast, as a total freeloader. Since it is like 400 degrees lately in New Mexico, the pool dip was not an option (I feel like I would melt the moment I walked out in the sun in a bikini) and I’m just not an early enough riser to get myself to a free continental breakfast. So I did the next best thing: fake a hotel residency to get the free shuttle to drive me around Santa Fe, drop me at restaurants and shops and pick me up and return me to the hotel when I’m good and ready. LOL. This sure beats looking for parking and worrying about feeding a meter and possibly getting a ticket (read about my Seattle trip and parking ticket here). We had a great day and the shuttle driver was so helpful and kind. He recommended a restaurant, events in the area and he was a very pleasant person. Shout out to all the moochers! This really worked out in my favor. I had a great day!


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