July 23 Boys Have Sweet 16 Parties Too!

The Birthday Boy at the Tiki Bar – Sweet 16 Party

“If I could, I would try to shield your innocence from time. But the part of life I gave you isn’t mine. I’ll watch you grow, so I can let you go.” Regina Belle, If I Could

I actually had a Sweet 16 party for myself a few years ago…. Explanation: my co-worker and I share a birthday (we are 16 years apart) so I got the great idea to have a Sweet 16 party and it was fabulous. Today I had a Sweet 16 Party for Tall Handsome Son. We had a Hawaiian Luau. Super fun. His friends came over and we listened to Island Music and had (strawberry lemonade) drinks with umbrellas in them. The weather was downright tropical, another 100 degree day! This was totally worth it!

Homemade Tiki Bar
With the matriarchs
Money Cake
Frito Pie, Fruit Kabobs, Popcorn, Cupcakes and Strawberry lemonade with umbrellas in the drinks!
Happy Birthday

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