July 27 The Cream Puff

It’s not the close up that makes this thing look so big. This is a huge Cream Puff from The Range Cafe in Albuquerque, NM. It was like the size of a grown man’s head!

“The best ab exercise is five sets of stop eating so much crap.”

I ate this. Or should I say, I ate half of this. I was with Juicy and he helped. It was not my best decision-making moment today. But it was my First Cream Puff, so it made the blog. I originally asked the waitress for a slice of ice cream cake: blueberry cake with lavender ice cream! Doesn’t that sound divine? The Blueberry Lavender Cake was on display in the glass cake counter but it was a mock up. The real cake has to be kept in the freezer because it’s an ice cream cake, duh! Well, they were totally sold out of that one, so the Cream Puff was the consolation. I asked what the cake was in the glass cake counter and she said that one was made of lard where the ice cream should be, but that they accidentally sold a piece to a patron and they ate every bit of it with absolutely no complaints. I almost, for a half a second, considered the lard cake. I’m so ashamed! I have to start making better life decisions…


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