August 4 Bacon Guacamole with Bell Pepper ‘Chips”


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha

Did I just invent this? I think I may have. Bacon Guacamole with Bell Pepper Chips. If you have made this before, my bad. I have been on this super crazy George-Costanza-genius-streak-thing. Remember that episode of Seinfeld when George gave up sex and became a freaking genius? I gave up carbs and I think the same thing is happening. LOL!!! Even though bell peppers have carbs…I must be in some in between Twilight Zone Netherland.

I am usually quite airy, fairy, head-in-the-clouds, dreamy, semi-reality, mostly-fantasy, cuckoo. But the last 24 hours have been so crystal clear that I now realize that I was previously in some kind of cookie-and-cake-induced-fog. Is this real? I wasn’t feeling too great this morning, actually I was feeling like crap-o-la. Then I got myself some trace minerals at the Vitamin Cottage and several glasses of water later, I swear to you, I’m smarter! And more alert and more creative and…I dare say, happier!

And chattier (I digress). Back to the recipe. I was thinking about avocados, because I love them and I wanted to put them front and center this evening for my meal. I was originally going to have bacon wrapped chicken with guacamole on top and kale salad. But the chicken was not defrosted (I usually buy it fresh, but this particular chicken was bought fresh and then frozen because I went out of town last weekend before eating it – again, I digress). So I was staring at the avocados and then in my mind I saw everything in the fridge come together in this beautiful medley. I even saw the bowl and how it would look …it was weird, like watching a movie, The Matrix. This is sooooo nuts.

The guac is delicious and if you want to make it, here is the recipe:

  • Hella Avocados
  • Half a bunch of Cilantro
  • One Roma Tomato
  • Handful of Black Olives
  • Small bit of White Onions
  • The Whole Package of Bacon (steroid/hormone and antibiotic free pigs)
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  • Green Chile

Cut up bell peppers to serve in place of “tortilla chips”



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