August 8 One-on-One Time With The Pooch

three b's
Cool pic of the three B’s borrowed from the Little Orchestra Society

I used to exclusively listen to classical music in the car when my kids were small. One of my kids was absolutely nuts, I say this with all the love and respect I have in my heart for one’s freedom to choose not to be like the entire rest of the universe. Needless to say, his expression of personal freedom, did not opt him out from car rides which require children to be harnessed into a car seat. I have tried many “alternative” therapies to calm a wild child (when needed), ask me about it sometime. Classical music worked, they would both fall asleep within minutes. It still works to this day at ages 16 and 24! Ahhh, mind control.

I spent time with Mowgli today. Every time my son left the house, the dog whined for a little bit at the door, it was heartbreaking. Then I guess he forgot about it and went to sleep for a while. Then he would look at the window, a good vantage point to see anyone walking up to the house. He waited and waited, took a nap, woke up and waited some more. I played with him a bit. I listened to music and waltzed with him. He likes Bach (the daddy, not the son), Beethoven and Brahms, the three B’s. Who knew classical music worked on dogs too! We folded laundry and called it a night. Peaceful.


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