August 15 BUTI @ Mi Vida Yoga

“I have one thing to say: you better work!” RuPaul, Supermodel

Buti – an Indian Marathi word that means to cure something that is hidden or secret.

I had no idea what I was walking into tonight, but I should have known because Maya was teaching. If you have never heard me wax poetic on the subject of Maya, well, you just haven’t been listening, darling. I love ALL of my yoga goddess teachers, but Maya will break you in places that you thought were indestructible, then put you back together again with love and care and in the end you will thank her. I’m just sayin’, Maya ain’t no joke. She’s a BOSS! You must know this and accept this fact of the universe before you walk in to one of her classes. You do not want a “Maya class” to catch you off guard or unaware. Like this one did me tonight.

BUTI (pronounced just like you think it would be: “booty” not “beauty”) yoga is… something very primal, something so deep and locked away that you probably don’t tap into this shit very often. It’s like a tribal offering to the God of Movement, the God of You. Part twerk, part rave, part calisthenics, part yoga, there will be roaring like a lion, gyrating to insanely LOUD music, totally losing it in your ultra feminine power and then finding it again, while discovering the love and gratitude you hold for your self and the others who have crossed into this magical ether with you, all in a hot room heated to 105 degrees Farenheit, give or take. Whattttt???????? Whatever you are imagining in your mind right now, it’s about a hundred times more intense than that. You will be transformed because chances are, unless you are some mystic, tribal, Goddess, Mermaid, Unicorn, Yogini, you have never moved your body like this. “¡Ay Dios Santo Bendito y la Virgen y la Santísima Trinidad!”

Forget about everything that is not right in your world when you walk into a BUTI class: you are not your bills, you are not your body, you are not your husband’s wife or your children’s mother, you are not a worker bee at your company, you are not sickness, you are not sadness, you are not 20, 30 or 40. You are light, you are pulsating energy, you are the potential of this universe, you are free. And you. better. work!


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