August 17 Rawhide


“Muscle soreness is the new hangover, but what is a chapped ass?”

Here is a funny story that is also a First: my butt is sore to the point of road rash from doing sit ups in CrossFit the other day. I can hardly sit in the car to drive, showers burn and it is basically all around uncomfortable and getting in the way of my current workouts. My poor little bum was on the ground for about 150 sit ups and even though I had a lumbar pad my tush is bruised and raw. I didn’t see this coming!

In case this ever happens to you from CrossFit or….whatever, you definitely want to get an ointment on the road rash part and cover the area with a gauze or bandage. Don’t let it dry out and scab up that will leave a scar. Change the dressing every day and re-apply the moistening agent. Then just go sit your ass down somewhere and heal. In my case, sitting hurts. Dang.


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