August 21 Backseat Luncher

“I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells.” Dr. Seuss

We decided to do something different today. We had lunch in the backseat of my car. Strange, I know. We got lunch “to-go” from Chipotle because we had stuff to do (no beans or rice for me – sad face – I love beans and rice!) Our plan was to drive back to my house to eat, but decided my house was too far away considering how hungry we were. We couldn’t wait so we pulled over in the parking lot of a casino and hopped into the back seat to chow down. We saw happy gamblers hugging each other in the parking lot (I assumed they had won big!) and we saw some pretty rundown people who looked like they had seen better days in life and in gambling. We headed in to the casino for a short while but the smoke made us think twice about laying any money down in there. I didn’t want to breathe in anybody’s secondhand smoke and get all smelly. Maybe next time, maybe not….

I wrote a short silly poem about our day:

hop in the back seat

to eat

too hungry to drive

gamblers surrender to defeat

look happy just to be alive

hot outside

but I’m in shade

hidden from view

considered the gamble

getting paid

rather be here with you




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