August 24 Shark Bait

My bikini-clad surfer, her board and the beast

“Are you a man with a conscience, or just a shark who will die when you stop moving forward?” Roderick Vincent, The Cause

I was supposed to make these cookies for the Sweet 16 Luau, but after making that Tiki Bar, and that money cake, I was spent. July was the month of several days in a row of 100+ degree temps and I just wasn’t in the mood to turn on an oven. But today was a nice cool day and so the oven got fired up. These cookies are super cute and morbid, my two fave things. They are a shark, a surfer with a leg missing and a surfboard with a bite out of it. My apologies in advance if you are a survivor of a shark attack. If you ever want to have a party commemorating your strong will to live and the fact that you are a total bad-ass, I have the perfect cookie cutters. If you invite me to your party, I will bake you cookies. Promise.

I made a guy surfer too
These are the cookies that made it to the icing stage, some of them were eaten before they even got iced
And here’s the reason why – apex predator: 16 year old boy
That poor surfer dude


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