August 25 Tie A Tie

James Bond doesn’t trust anyone who ties a Windsor knot.

I haven’t worn a tie in years but I used to wear them often. I had all these ties that were pre-tied for me by my guy friends. When I wanted to wear a tie, I would just slip one around my neck, tighten it and the work was already done. I’m a fashion genius. Today I learned how to tie a tie for myself: a Windsor knot, no less. Told you I was a genius.

This is the unbelievable part: there is a youtube video on how to tie a Windsor knot that has over 13 million views….what?? Thirteen million views, I was totally expecting this guy to get naked at some point during this video, but nope, he was just tying a tie with his clothes on. Weird. So I followed along step by step with Tall Handsome Son’s tie from prom. My Windsor needs some work, the bottom is too wide but I think I got the gist of it.

windsor knot


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