August 29 Renewed My Vows


“I can’t just say one time of the year I’m going to do something different. I have to commit to a lifestyle behavioral change and just try to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday.” Gabrielle Union

Woke up this morning and wasn’t feeling too awesome, so I had to ask myself: is this emotional yuck or physical yuck? I have been feeling like I need to re-commit myself to my vows. I read them every day, they are the first thing I read. When I wake up, I do not check text messages, Facebook, email or anything else. I go through my Power Routine, then I head out the door. When I head out the door I read my vows that are painted on my stairs and speak them out loud. This way I remember to commit myself to the life that I want. The paint on some of the letters has been washed away by the recent rain so I re-painted my vows today and renewed them within myself. My vows are personal to me. Maybe you can make your own vows if you haven’t already. My words are below, you can use them if you want. They will have a different meaning to every person. Choose wisely. Words are powerful.

Exalt – raise someone (everyone) or something (everything) to a higher level through love and gratitude

Grow – no matter where you are starting from, build a safe container to grow in

Appreciate – stop comparing your self, your stuff and your situation to someone elses

Inspire – the simplest way to inspire someone is to just care about them

Trust – give freely what you want to receive

Create – create the life you want, even if it is only in your mind

Receive – make room for the gifts in life

Listen – to your inner voice, you know what you want and need

Radiate – be the light that you are and let it shine brightly

Flow – do what you love

Transcend – you have an unlimited capacity for (fill in the blank)

Repeat –there is joy in repetition

**Remind yourself, as I do, that this is a life practice. 


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