September 2 Zozobra

On my way to Zozobra

The first thing you may think about Zozobra is “That thing like Burning Man.” Yes and no. A wooden man burns. That’s where the similarities begin and end. I went to my first Burning of Zozobra today. It was interesting. Creepy. I dig creepy. Zozobra is known as Old Man Gloom in Santa Fe, New Mexico and they have been burning him to say goodbye to the previous year’s gloom since 1924. Whoa.

The creators of the event encourage event-goers to bring papers such as divorce decrees, bills, and anything else that may have brought gloom in the past year, to burn. I brought a death certificate of someone whose death has left me a little gloomy. They collect it and add it to the flames! It was a big goodbye party to “anxiety” and “worry” the English meanings of the spanish word, zozobra. We had fun. It was loud. It was eery. There was fire. Winner.

At the festival with my mom and son


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  1. Thanks so much for the follow and I’m so glad you did because I got to find and read your blog because of it. Love it, what a great idea! 🙂


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