September 3 Free Victoria’s Secret Swag

“If you are what you eat, I’m going to eat a Victoria’s Secret Model.” #fitgirlcode

Went to my mailbox today and guess what I found? A gift card from Victoria’s Secret. Why, you ask? Apparently they are being sued in a class-action lawsuit and I am entitled to $20 free Angel bucks. I could have just taken the money and run but I was really curious to know what happened, so I looked it up.

I am not a VS fan. I like their cheap lotions and potions but don’t really have enough boobage to care about their magic bras keeping me upright in all the right places, plus they are a bit pricey.

I never found out why I received my free gift card. It could have been one of these lawsuits below or one of the many others, I don’t know. I guess I will take the money and run.

April, 2016: two women were kicked out of a VS store after they were pushed by another shopper. The manager wrongly assumed that the two women started the trouble and they are suing for being racially profiled. I don’t think that is a gift-card-worthy lawsuit and it just happened a few months ago, I doubt it has been resolved that quickly.

February, 2016: VS being sued by employees for their call-in policy requiring employees to effectively be on-call in case they are needed to come in to work on short notice. I’m not an employee so that is not the reason why I got the gift card.

November, 2008: At least three separate lawsuits in Ohio, Florida and New York alleging that VS bras contain formaldehyde and have caused women to have rashes, blisters, hives, welts and scarring. That might be gift-card-worthy, but how ironic that you give your own allegedly tainted merchandise as part of the recompense.

A). It’s not my birthday (even though every day is my birthday, I wonder if VS knows that), B). I didn’t hit a million points on my Angel credit card (because I literally never shop there and should probably close that account and up my credit score) C). Maybe my personally identifying information was compromised (yet again by yet another industry giant – did I get free credit monitoring AGAIN???). Whatevs twenty bucks is twenty bucks. Maybe I’ll buy by Mom Pure Seduction Lotion, she loves that stuff (so does Older Charming and Also Handsome Son). HAHA!


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