September 4 Laughter Yoga Is A Real Thing

“To laugh at yourself, is to love yourself.” Mickey Mouse

To me, this blog is a compilation of life applications. In addition to all of the things that I go out and “do” for a First Time, there are some of things that I don’t “consciously invite” that cannot be overlooked as Firsts. Crazy shit happens:

  1. People visit your house and back up your toilet
  2. Candy gets stuck to mattresses
  3. Crazy people call at 2 AM
  4. 15 year olds come over for pizza and stick wads of gum to your “nice” plates
  5. Your kids have parties when you are out of town and your shoes get stolen
  6. You loan your car and it gets totalled
  7. People leave weird messages in your yard for you to de-code
  8. Your neighbor swears she is just burning sage when you know she is smoking pot because you are a yogini from the hood and know the difference between your herbs
  9. You plan a weekend getaway and it becomes the worst weekend of your life
  10. You go to the same freaking art gallery three times to see a particular exhibit that sounds really cool (Kubrick vs. Tarantino – art from their movies) and the gallery is closed every time their website says that they are OPEN!!!!

If you don’t have a “How -To” Plan for how to keep your wits about you, you may actually go crazy in this life. I would like to share my “How-To” Plan for staying sane when:

  1. A common cold turns into a very dire trip to the cardiologist
  2. Your refrigerator stops working on Christmas Eve and all of your food spoils
  3. You get mistaken for someone named Bernadette and two cholas wait for you in the parking lot (to “talk”) on your very first day in the new town you just moved to
  4. You meet a guy and have two fabulous dates with him, then he stops calling you. When you ask why, he says “It’s basketball season.”
  5. You buy someone a thoughtful housewarming gift and keep it in your closet for several months waiting to get invited to their new house and then accidentally give the gift away to Goodwill when you clean out your closet.

This is my life! And do you know what my How-To-Stay-Sane plan is? It’s not wine, it’s not weed, it’s not therapy. It’s laughter. If you can’t laugh at all or any of this, you ain’t gonna make it. This is the thing about laughter yoga, you just DO IT. No jokes, no funny faces, no tickling, just breathe and laugh. Your brain doesn’t know that it’s fake. It lightens your mood, gets your blood flowing, releases chemicals in your brain that stimulate your immune system and burns calories – even if it is not real. Try it right now if you don’t believe me.


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