September 11 The Avocado Seed

“Spend your life doing strange things with weird people.”

I eat at least four avocados a day. True story. I have been throwing the seeds out but I read that if you dehydrate them (in the oven) and grind them (in the food processor), you can eat those bad boys. Then … I read that you absolutely should not eat the avocado seed. Then… I read that they have been eating the avocado seeds in South America for a gazillion years. Then… I read that there are parts of the seed that are not fit for human consumption. Then…I read that wayyyyy more of the antioxidants are in the seed. Then… I read that the seed tastes very bitter and must be mixed with something sweet. Then… I read that if we ate all the seeds, we would have no more avocado trees and thus no more avocados. Then…I read that although the seeds aren’t poisonous, it may cause gastric distress because it is not something our bodies are used to eating. Then… I read that you can’t believe everything you read online.  And it goes on like this for almost forever.

The bottom line is I did not eat the seeds. But I did dehydrate them in the oven and grind them in the food processor. I then mixed them with coconut oil + coconut sugar and slathered that all over my body as a really awesome and {possibly antioxidant/toxic/fiber-rich/ancient/bitter/can’t-believe-everything-you-read} body scrub. There you go. I only have 20 million avocado seeds left. Anyone want some body scrub?


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