September 13 Time Warp Tuesday

How to grow a plant from an avocado seed

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

My oldest son suggested that I plant some of my many, many avocado seeds today. I haven’t seen that done since my aunts and grandmother used to do it in the 70’s. As I was sticking toothpicks in about 7 avocado seeds and placing them over little shot glasses of water, I got to thinking about other things I  haven’t really seen since the 70’s like:

  • kitchen phones on the wall with the 20 foot curly cord
  • station wagons
  • lime green everything
  • plaid bell bottoms
  • sailor suits for women
  • shag carpeting
  • macrame plant hangers
  • red light bulbs
  • peacock backed wicker chairs
  • beads in doorways
  • silver eyeshadow
  • jumpsuits
  • wallpaper
  • real Tupperware (the green kind with the lids)
  • SPAM
  • typewriters
  • Virginia Slims
  • a camera and a roll of film
  • a record player in a cabinet
  • 8-track tapes
  • crocheted granny square blanket
  • hot wheels and track
  • steel Tonka truck
  • ashtrays and coasters made of abalone shell
  • stereo receiver
  • speaker wire
  • green wine bottle jugs full of pennies
  • macrame to cover the green wine bottle jugs
  • wind up alarm clocks
  • Pyrex nesting bowls
  • mushroom decor
  • wall hangings of naked people with afros
  • Avon miniature lipsticks
  • paper dolls
  • latch hook kits
  • etch a sketch
  • glass Christmas ornaments
  • Simplicity and McCall’s sewing patterns
  • sewing machine
  • Battleship – the game
  • cast iron Monopoly game pieces
  • doors that still used skeleton keys
  • crystal door knobs
  • dinner bells
  • metal backyard swing sets
  • seesaw
  • wooden ice cream churner

I could do this forever. I enjoyed my trip down memory lane. All of these items were a part of my life at some time or another in the 70’s. That was fun… I hope the avocado plants grow up big and strong like my aunties’ plants!


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  1. Before I opened your post, I saw that avocado seed and thought….I haven’t seen any one do that or talk about it for a long time. Sweet post and a great, comprehensive list. 💝

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    1. Back down memory lane….

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