September 14 Eat Something New Wednesday

Salami – not one of  my favorite meats

Salami is a type of cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried meat. Sounds appetizing, right? I am not a salami person. The last time I ate salami, I was probably nine years old. So today I bought a roll of salami from World Market. I call it Cost Plus (not World Market) because the original store is in Oakland and my mom used to go there and look at stuff when I was a kid all the time. I don’t think we ever actually purchased anything but we passed many hours at Jack London Square looking at all of the exotic wares from around the world. I always loved that store as a child. I love it still.

I took the salami home and made myself hors d’oeuvres of thick cut salami, guacamole with green chiles and organic cherry tomatoes. Once I got used to the salami taste, it was pretty darn good. I don’t think you will find this hors d’oeuvre in any restaurant because I just made it up.


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