September 15 Thrifty Thursday


“Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.” Karl Lagerfeld

I thought I would play a little game today. Go to a store on my lunch break and buy something that is:

a). inexpensive

b). unique

c). useful

The first thing I saw that fit all three categories were these two toy Batman and Joker dolls. They were each only $6 and made out of stretchy plastic so you could pose them. I love Batman and the Joker. There was a Robin stretchy toy, but I’m not much of a Robin fan. So there I was, all ready to make my purchases when I saw the supercute salt and pepper shakers in turquoise and paisley. They had “Lulu Starchild” written all over them and I do not own any salt and pepper shakers. As far as I can remember, I have never owned salt and pepper shakers. It’s such a simple thing but I usually just use the store-bought containers that hold them. I am such a turquoise and paisley person… but I’m also a Batman and Joker stretchy doll person. What to do? It was a struggle all the way up to the checkout counter. In the end, I had to refer to my game rules:

a). inexpensive

b). unique

c). useful

Although Batman and the Joker were definitely unique and useful, they weren’t the most inexpensive item. The salt and pepper shakers were like $3, half the price of one stretchy doll. I just couldn’t see myself walking out of there with only a Batman or a Joker, they are a complete set in my mind. I bought the salt and pepper shakers and I am quite happy with my purchase. Although I am sure I would have gotten much use out of the Batman and the Joker, in the long run the salt and pepper shakers were probably a better option. Now if they had had Batman and Joker salt and pepper shakers…don’t get me started!



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