September 17 TEDx Talks Saturday

Art created right before our eyes at TEDx ABQ

“Albuquerque is at the bottom of most good lists and at the top of most bad lists.” Max Baptiste, We Are This City, TEDx ABQ

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED talks are short, powerful talks on virtually any topic in the universe. You can find a gazillion really great talks on A TEDx talk is similar to a TED talk but it is organized by the community and usually addresses ideas, issues and solutions that happen within the community.

Tall Handsome Son and I went to the TEDx ABQ talks today and it was very cool! We saw artists paint murals right in front of our eyes, saw a visual DJ, heard poetry, listened to community members’ views on embracing the refugee population, planting your own food, building and living in tiny homes, creating vaccines that do not require refrigeration, teaching under-priveledged kids to code, and hot air ballooning across the Pacific Ocean. We taped our faces when we became part of an interactive art exhibit, learned to “at least stop hating our bodies if we can’t yet love them” and we received local goods and crafts as gifts for attending. We participated in a Ballet Afrique demo and decided right there on the spot to take a future class at the Maple Street Dance Company. We saw the Albuquerque Roller Derby and I realized that I know one of the derby-ers! How cool, maybe we will go to a future game. Overall, a pretty awesome day.


Albuquerque Roller Derby
Taping our faces to become great artists
Zero Waste Event


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  1. just heard of this today! this was timely for me!

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    1. It would be worth it to find an event in your town and maybe even give a talk yourself!

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