September 21 Zombie Nightmares

“I always thought of the zombies as being about revolution, one generation consuming the next.” George A. Romero

You knew this was coming. I am such a sap. I was watching the Thriller video over and over and practicing my groin thrusts a la MJ and guess what happened? I dreamed about zombies all night long. Not the dancing kind. The face-eating kind. I had the worst nightmare ever. I haven’t had a zombie nightmare since I was like 7!!

This was it: I was in a town and apparently I was pretty important because although this town appeared to be overrun with zombies, only one person (me) had the magic weapon against them. Nope, not love. I wish…. I had this weird tool that looked like a calligraphy pen. I was called to the place where the zombies were, there was a lot of running and hiding and terror. Then I stabbed them with this calligraphy pen under the eye. Not in the heart or the throat; no guns or knives, no chain saws, just me and a freaking pen walking up to the zombies face, looking into those empty, scary, dead-eyes and then wham! right in the cheek. This was so disgusting! Recounting it for this post causes me to see it in my mind and uggghh it’s giving me a stomach ache. Since I absolutely avoid all things “zombie” (everybody knows I am afraid of zombies), I had to look up how to kill a zombie. And wouldn’t you know it? Somebody compiled a list. How good of them. Now I know. And knowing is half the battle.

Any dream interpreters in the crowd? Here are my possible interpretations: The pen is  mightier than the sword…Kill them with creativity…The Arts will save all of humanity…Bring penmanship class back into schools…Viva la revolucion!

Please help.


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