September 23 Tacos and Lies – Or Tacos and Truths


“The best lies about me are the ones I told.” Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of The Wind

I made some delicious tacos and wrapped them in a lettuce leaf. Yes, I know that is nothing new. However, I have never eaten a taco wrapped in a lettuce leaf before. That sentence sparked such debate and disbelief that it spurred a little dinnertime game called Two Truths and a Lie. I have also never played this game before. We went around the table and each person told two truths and a lie and we all tried to guess which one was the lie! So much fun. Since you weren’t there I will recount my truths and one lie. Let’s see if you can guess my lie!

  1. The late, great Robin Williams once read children’s stories about farting to my oldest son
  2. My father is Cuban and came to the US on a homemade boat in the ’60s and claimed political asylum
  3. I was banned from a Las Vegas casino in the ’90s for counting cards

Can you guess which one is the lie? Bet you can’t!


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