September 25 Miss Representation

“Women are complicated. Not because women are crazy, because people are crazy and women happen to be people.”

Ok, since I watched the “boy” film yesterday, I had to watch the “girl” film today. This one was much more distressing. Yep, we all know how women are portrayed in the media. Sex kittens, sluts, cat-fighting skanks, cougars. All women hate each other, can’t wait to rip each other’s fake lashes off, pull out hair extensions and blah, blah, blah. Poor young girls being exposed to this at such a young age. Got it. Check. The movie’s producer (the same producer as the “boy” movie that I watched yesterday) is having a baby, a daughter, and she’s worried about the messages her daughter will get from the world of American media. Tell me about it, Sister. I couldn’t get my son to come near this movie with a ten foot stripper pole. He was having no part of this one, so I’m on my own here.

The information about how women are portrayed in the media was nothing new. Worrying about the effects on young girls was nothing new. Basically there was nothing new at all in this film. We (women) need a new identity. Teaching young girls to cook and sew and take care of a family is not going to cut it nowadays. Teaching them how to contour their cleavage and filter selfies isn’t either. We haven’t created a positive identity so when we see the one being offered in the media, we strive for that. I did. I swallowed it all: hook, line and sinker. Then you get a little older and people actually start looking you in the eye and speaking to you with respect, like you have a brain, and they stop objectifying you and you go home and cry your eyes out because “no one even notices you” and you “feel invisible”. >sigh< 

No one is going to say it, so I’ll say it: we (1. the media, 2. the women who have bought into the media’s messages and, basically everybody except for infants) have created a situation where women want/need to be objectified in order to feel like we even matter in the world. If you don’t notice and/or comment positively on our boobs, butt, skin, hair, nails, brows, lashes, teeth and feet, there is going to be holy hell to pay. Especially after we went to the freaking gym every single day for like ever, got a facial, went to the hair salon to get our hair “did”, slept on our faces so as not to mess up our hair, got fake nails, a pedicure, waxed, tanned, exfoliated, bleached, extracted, stretched, tightened, lightened, lifted, enhanced, reduced, filled, poked, prodded, sucked in, bought new clothes, panties and bras, gave up sugar, started drinking water and eating goddamned cucumbers for every meal.

There is so much wrong with all of that. I have no answers, only questions: How come no one notices me? Am I invisible? >sigh<


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