October 1 Lions in The House / Balloons in The Sky

Are the lions too much? Is it possible for ANYTHING to be too much?

“I’m gonna be iron like a lion in Zion.” Bob Marley

I have been wanting to get lions for the entrance to my house ever since forever. Since before I went to China and saw the lions flanking every palace and museum entrance. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted golden lions outside of my house. Yes, I am a bit much and five foot golden lions are just exactly my style. Today I found lions. They are not as large as I imagined in the fantasy version of my life, nor are they gold. They are smaller, the size of “indoor” lions! And they are made of plaster, not solid gold as I had dreamed. They are flanking the entrance to the heart of my home: the kitchen. I am definitely going to paint them (gold? purple? rainbow?) and definitely still working on the five foot tall, gold version for outside. For now, these will do.

This morning I went to a party at 7AM. This is a true story. It is Balloon Fiesta and the partying starts early in Albuquerque y’all. We had a good time at my friend’s party as the balloons floated overhead. I got great video and pics. Check them out!







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