October 3 The Turkish Get Up

No whining allowed

This is what I learned today:

UPDATE: I just realized that I started on the wrong side. I was supposed to lie on my right side if starting on the right side! See…that’s why it’s good to record yourself. Ok, I might have a do-over of this video. We’ll see….

This is what it actually looks like with a kettlebell (I don’t know her but she’s awesome):

This exercise works EVERYTHING. Core, stability, balance, strength, flexibility. Looks easy… get down on the floor and say it to my face!

Benefits of the Turkish Get Up (borrowed from the Strong First)

  1. Promotes cross lateralization (getting right brain to work with left side)
  2. Promotes upper body stability
  3. Promotes lower body stability
  4. Promotes reflexive stability of the trunk and extremities
  5. Ties the right arm to the left leg, and left arm to the right leg
  6. Gets the upper extremities working reciprocally (legs, too)
  7. Stimulates the vestibular system (one of three senses that contributes to balance)
  8. Stimulates the visual system (second of three senses that contributes to balance)
  9. Stimulates the proprioception system (third sense that contributes to balance)
  10. Promotes spatial awareness
  11. Develops a front/back weight shift
  12. Develops upper body strength, trunks strength, and hip strength


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