October 6 Paisley Park

Prince’s piano from his last tour: Piano and Microphone. I just wanted to touch it. The lyrics written on top are from two of the saddest songs he’s ever written…”I Love You But I Don’t Trust You Anymore” and ” How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore.” Dang, dude.

He’s not here this time. Paisley Park (recording studio/home now turned into a museum) is just as beautiful as I remember it but hollow now, empty. I can’t help but expect Prince to saunter in and sit at the piano or on the edge of a table and start talking (about the Bible). Nope. That’ll never happen again. I don’t need to go back there anymore. Even though the people of Minnesota are so friendly, it makes you want to cry! It was a cool trip, but I’m good.

As for Paisley Park, it was “nice” the way they had it set up. His awards, clothes, art on display. Live footage in the room formerly used for parties. The doves, yeah, all that. But the vibe was off. A lot of people were complaining that it was super unorganized: a lot of waiting, names not on lists, people not showing up to do something or other, mayhem and such. To me, that was the only thing about all of this that was dead-on. If you have ever been to a concert, after party, purchased anything online from NPG Music Club, were supposed to be VIP, went to Paisley for a party or “Celebration”, you know that EVERYTHING surrounding a Prince event of any kind was “chaos and disorder” to quote the man himself. He had that kind of energy. The music, the show, the lights, the clothes, all of that was sheer perfection, because that was what he did. But all the rest (logistics) – hang it up. There will be waiting, confusion, frustration. It’s all a part of… Prince.

I haven’t quite digested what sickened me about this whole thing. Maybe the lack of respect? The gawking? The raised voices? Employees goofing off and walking all over the place because they attended a job fair? The urn with his fucking ashes in the Atrium? Everyone plopping down in front of his piano for a photo op with big smiles? The chick in the hallway pointing at a picture of Sheila E. and calling her Apollonia? The song that they played for us that was obviously from the “Scarlet Pussy” era (1988) that they told us he was working on before he died? Bandmates working as tour guides/security/cameramen, whatever? The merchandise from every past concert that I have ever attended being hawked in a white tent after the tour? The fact that no matter what marvel they would have created within those walls, they can’t bring him back and no one can bring his fire and energy to any of his “stuff”? In the end, it’s all just stuff.

Whatevs. This is what happens when people die. I hope they all have enough money to do whatever it is they are trying to do. It doesn’t feel good but maybe they can work on that. I hope to God I never lose my happy memories of him and have to rely on what they are creating here.





They were selling his favorite foods
His star on the wall at First Avenue Nightclub (downtown Minneapolis) was mysteriously painted gold the day after his death
Minneapolis nightclub where many bands got their start – most famously, Prince. Duh!


If only I had an afro

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