October 7 Lake Minnetonka & Graffiti Bridge

On the Paradise Destiny II sailing on Lake Minnetonka

I just looked in the mirror
And things aren’t looking so good
I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota, oh yeah

“Outshined” Soundgarden

I’ve come to the conclusion that when Prince most famously said: “That ain’t Lake Minnetonka” to Apollonia in the movie Purple Rain, after she stripped down and jumped in the water, it probably was Lake Minnetonka. I know the official record says that they were at Cedar Lake when they filmed that part of the movie, but judging by the map of Lake Minnetonka, it looks like every lake in Minnesota is Lake Minnetonka! This thing is HUGE, and they are all interconnected. Of course, I’m just being silly but this lake is gigantic by my lake standards. When you look at a map of Minnesota, Lake Minnetonka isn’t even listed as one of the “larger” lakes! It’s barely a blip just west of Minneapolis on the map. Seeing the vastness of Lake Minnetonka in person and then it’s relative nothingness on the map, makes me want to see the other ones that look truly huge on the map: Red Lake, Lake Winnibigoshish (did I spell that right?), Mill Lacs Lake, and of course, Lake Superior.

I took an hour and a half cruise on the Paradise Destiny II on Lake Minnetonka today and it was beautiful beyond anything I could have imagined. It was also cold beyond anything I could have imagined. The Paradise Destiny II is an enclosed vessel with an opportunity to go out on the open bow (front of the boat)- which I most certainly did. The captain offered a lot of lake history including stories of Mahala Douglas, a Titanic survivor who lived on the lake; the Minnetonka Yacht Club being the oldest yacht club in the country; and the historic Hotel St. Louis made in the “southern style” (with Blacks serving Whites and living in separate “slave?” quarters, to make the southern Whites feel more at home – this was wayyyy back in the day). Very interesting history. I met some very nice people too.

I went to Minnehaha Falls after I left the lake. There are waterfalls right in the city of Minneapolis. The natural beauty in this place is freakin’ ridiculous! I lived in the midwest (for FAR TOO LONG) and it is cold and it is harsh but it is beautiful and the people are probably the nicest you’ll find anywhere. That’s for sure. I understand why P always said that “it’s so cold here, it keeps the mean people out.” Shout out to the nicest people in the USA, keep doing you, Minneapolis.

I went back to Paisley one last time because I was told about the new Graffiti Bridge and I had to see it. It was super sad for me, but this whole trip has been bittersweet.

Lake Minnetonka looks huge until you zoom out and see the rest of the state’s other impressive lakes.
The Paradise Destiny II
Lake Minnetonka
the entrance to Graffiti Bridge




OK, OK, I should have walked down to the bottom of the falls and taken a proper photo of the entire thing but did I mention how COLD it was???? Just Google it. It really is beautiful, promise.

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