October 14 Cucumber Wrapped Sushi Roll

New Yorker cucumber roll sushi from Naka Sushi ABQ

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy sushi, which is kinda the same thing.”

Yummy. I didn’t even mind not having the rice. Today I had a Tataki Salad which is a salad with tuna, albacore and white tuna in a hot and spicy salad dressing with the New Yorker Roll, a cucumber wrap with three kinds of fish, avocado, Japanese pickle and tobiko on top (I guess New Yorkers don’t eat rice either). You have more options than just sashimi (bite sized pieces of raw fish) on a keto diet.

This was a topic of discussion at the table: what is that on top of your sushi? It is tobiko. Tobiko: the Japanese word for flying fish roe. Roe means fish eggs. So what’s the diff between caviar and tobiko? Different fish = different price. Caviar comes from sturgeon. Tobiko comes from flying fish. Tobiko can be colored with squid ink (black), wasabi (green), beet (red). It’s basically a condiment. Eat up, ya’ll. But you may have to use your fingers, those cucumber rolls are not as firm as traditionally wrapped sushi.

tataki salad

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