October 16 What’s Your (Least Fave) Sign?

“I am a Gemini and can adapt to most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini.” Karan Johar

This was an interesting challenge: someone challenged me to write about my least favorite zodiac sign (sun sign). Hmmm….this is something that I have never thought of before. I usually focus on the ones that I always absolutely love: Virgo and Libra. I could pile up the Virgos and Libras in my life, I just love them so! My zodiac sign, is usually on top of everyone’s Least Favorite List. Interestingly enough, it’s also my least favorite. I am a Gemini, and although I love me, I usually (not always, just usually) don’t like other Geminis. Ironic, huh? Just keeping it real, folks. I am also usually not too fond of Scorpios and Aries either, but Gemini is the top offender in my life book.

So there is a new zodiac sign, I heard about this a few years ago. It messes everything up that we thought we knew. I’m not sure what to do with this weird new information that now makes me a Taurus. I ain’t buying it. I am textbook Gemini, down to my two-faced, indecisive, love-you, hate-you, airy-fairy, creative, bizarro, attention-loving soul. But now NASA says, I’m not. OK, that’s cool. Whatevs NASA.

Here is a quick run-down (according to me) of the traits of the zodiac (sun) signs personality traits, both positive and negative:

Aries: Courageous, selfish, foolish

Taurus: Determined, reliable, greedy

Gemini: Adaptable, quick-witted, inconsistent

Cancer: Protective, loving, moody

Leo: Generous, loving, arrogant

Virgo: Shy, meticulous, worries a lot

Libra: Social, diplomatic, self-indulgent

Scorpio: passionate, jealous, obsessive

**Opiuchus: you are too new to know what in the hell you are

Sagittarius: Open, honest, irresponsible

Capricorn: Ambitious, competitive, outgoing, holds grudges

Aquarius: Loving, loyal, cold, emotionally detached

Pisces: Kind, compassionate, narcissistic

Every zodiac is represented in my life currently, except for Aries. Good riddance! One day I will overcome my Gemini/Aries/Scorpio issues. For now, my faves are still the Virgos and the Libras.


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