October 17 Piloxing

If you are like me, you didn’t know this was a thing until today. There is a place where people go to dance, do standing Pilates workouts and box (yes I said box, as in jab and uppercut) all at the same time to thump, thump, thumping music that will make you feel like you are in a Miami Night Club (think: lots of Pitbull – the rapper, not the dog and dance music that sounds like it is sped up 500 times the normal speed). I went to Sabrina’s Z Crew, a brand new dance/workout studio in my neighborhood, that has a super high energy vibe. Sabrina is awesome and Piloxing is HARD. But in a good way. You will sweat and get that heart rate going, unless you are dead, in which case you should probably just stay home because, you know, maggots.

If you are not a boxer, or someone who is used to throwing punches in the middle of bustin’ a move, your coordination will be challenged. We were doing hip-hop moves, then simulating a fight scene from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video, then standing on one leg and lifting the other for 16 counts, then back to the fight scene. We even did football warm ups that I’ve seen my son do at practice (standing in place running super fast – whatever those are called). Crazy madness.

Some women even wear weighted gloves to simulate the weight of a boxing glove while throwing those jabs. Super hard core. I was just trying to move as fast as I was supposed to, that was my main objective. It felt like I was moving through peanut butter while the instructor was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. This lady was on fire! And then there was the floor work! More leg lifts for booty, booty and more booty. Dear God, 7 PM is a little late in the evening for that kind of energy. Am I just too old? I’m starting to wonder….

Check out this video and then think about this: this is only a 10 minute video. My class was an hour long!


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