October 21 Frida Kahlo Was A Player

Frida Kahlo rocked the unibrow


“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” Frida Kahlo

I love all things Frida Kahlo, especially her unibrow. I received a gift today from Older Charming and Also Handsome Son. A set of three socks. One has a picture of Frida Kahlo, one a picture of Diego Rivera (her much older and philandering husband) and the other has a picture of Leon Trotsky (her loverman). The socks were made by Culture Sock – clever name.

The package of socks comes with a storyline: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were married. Frida loved painting (and other men and women). Diego loved painting (and other women, including Frida’s sister). Leon Trotsky loved Russia, but Stalin got weird so Leon fled to Mexico. Diego and Leon were fast friends, but not as fast as Frida and Leon. 3 socks, 2 feet, what’s your story?

Super cute! Some days you may be feeling the Frida and Diego Alliance, other days you may want to wear the Frida and Leon Affair, or maybe you want to “buddy up” and wear the Leon and Diego Homie Pair. I love the idea!

I also got a pair with just Frida Kahlo herself. My son chose the sock set with a Priest, A Rabbi and A Monk for himself.

My Frida Kahlo set


Pick two

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