October 22 Pumpkins, Dinosaurs and Paintings

Me as a dinosaur


I went to my very First Pumpkin Patch today at Rock Creek Farm in Broomfield, Colorado. My kids have been to Pumpkin Patches on school field trips, church trips, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club outings, etc. so this was no biggie for them. It was my First. We had fun and saw a lot of smashed pumpkins (the cars got ’em). We were able to pick out a nice round one that was able to stand on it’s own without toppling over and named her “Beatrice”.

After a day of hiking (in the heat) at the Dinosaur Ridge, we went home to paint. This was another first for me: my first time painting on a canvas and it turned out pretty cool. My proportions are a little off but I’ll get better with practice. I gifted my painting to my son for his new house. Lovely. Oh yeah, I insisted on painting with my drawn-on unibrow a la Frida Kahlo. I think it makes me a better artist.

Mi familia
Golden, Colorado
Me as a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch
My boys
Me, as Frida Kahlo
My Masterpiece: “Lotus”

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