October 25 Soul Story: Writing Workshop



I went to see writer, Michelle Adam, tonight as she read from her book, Child of Duende: A Journey of the Spirit and taught a workshop on how to write from the heart. Aside from the fact that she sounds like a fascinating woman who has led an inspired life as a dancer and writer, she shared an exercise with us tonight on exploring the mystery of our soul’s story. I was unaware that I happened upon a group meeting of the Albuquerque Croak and Dagger Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Briefly, Sisters in Crime’s mission is to promote the ongoing advancement, recognition and professional development of women crime writers. Interesting, the people you meet on the road to life.

I was taken on a fantasmical journey as she read to us from her novel about an 8 year old girl named Duende, vines that bleed human blood and spirit guides, getting lost in the storytelling that I love so much. We were then encouraged to write with the help of Michelle’s guided imagery and prompts. This is what I came up with:

  1. Where was your soul born? Close your eyes and imagine the place, then write about it, in complete sentences or just words. I saw a teenager’s room. My room when I was a teenager. There was a record player on the dresser, posters on the wall and frilly, girly, bedding. (I bet I was the only girl in tha ‘hood with bedding for each season).
  2. What do I feel? The feelings I felt were freedom, happiness, security, wonder, adventurous and hopeful. I was alone, but totally OK with it. Not at all lonely but secure. I felt free, as if I can do anything I want. The window was open and the weather was pleasant.
  3. What do I hear? I hear my voice singing and my fingers snapping to the sound of a record playing.
  4. What do I smell? I smell cardboard (this was a little strange- but that was what I perceived that I smelled).
  5. What do I look like? I do not have a body. I am a ray of light. I look like sound would look if it looked like anything.
  6. How do I move? I am pulsing red light, like the light on an ol’ skool Equalizer that pulses according to the beat of the music. I soon realize that I am the music, it is not separate from me.
  7. What do I long for? What is my calling? To join with other light/sound beings and to vibrate together.

Whoa! I was not expecting any of that! The questions and answers unfolded over approximately 30-40 minutes. I enjoyed this exercise and am looking forward to exploring deeper the experience of writing my soul story. Stay tuned.

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