October 27 Flashmobbing 101: Love is a Losing Game – I Made a Girl Scout Cry

Me as Amy Winehouse holding my own tombstone because that’s what bad-asses do

The real Amy

“This might make for an awkward situation. I have a talent for awkward situations.” Peter Davis

As you know, I have been anxiously awaiting October 29 (two days from Now!!!)- to participate in the Thrill the World unison dance in which people all over the world dance at the same time to the Michael Jackson Halloween anthem, “Thriller”. I have been practicing my moves at home, thinking about zombies and getting in the spooky spirit. Today around lunchtime, I checked Facebook and received a message that there would be a flash mob tonight at the Girl Scout Trunk or Treat Festival. The messenger even suggested that this would be a good chance to rehearse in costume. Yay! Finally! I have been waiting for this moment.

Although you know I have been practicing my dance moves, we haven’t really discussed my costume. So let’s discuss it: a few weeks ago,  I was listening to “Love is a Losing Game” (’cause it is) and it just hit me – Zombie Amy Winehouse. If you don’t know who she was, you don’t know what you are missing. I loved her music and I thought creating a Zombie Amy Winehouse for the dance would be a loving tribute. Well, yeah, but… Girl Scouts.

I immediately got my costume together, Amy wore frilly dresses. So I ripped mine to shreds and dirtied it up to “zombify” it. She wore a beehive hairdo, so I got one and ratted it up. Since I was a zombie and zombies eat brains and stuff, I poured blood down my chin as if I had just finished a delicious Girl Scout cookie brain – not to overthink it. I didn’t realize that once I tattered my frilly, girlie frock, that it would shrivel up around mid-thigh and make me look like a streetwalker. Oh, the looks I got from the Girl Scout Moms (and Dads, LOL). Zombie Amy Winehouse was a brilliant idea but a little awkward in front of about a hundred sweet-cheeked little girls dressed like Disney princesses and butterflies.

I would have been wise to choose an alternate venue to debut Zombie Amy Winehouse. But I didn’t have an alternate venue. I needed to practice my moves in my beehive and I needed to know that I could do this! So I did it and I frightened a child, who ran away screaming. This is the price I pay for my art. I’m sorry, Little Girl Scout girl, but I came to terrify.


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