November 3 High School Locker Makeover

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you and your house becomes your story.” Erin Flett

Once upon a time ago, I  used to work as an electrician. One of the longest jobs I ever worked was a remodel of Minerva High School in Minerva, Ohio. This job lasted a little over 18 months, which is a lifetime in the world of construction. While working there, I witnessed high school students get paddled (they still paddle high school aged kids in schools in Ohio who misbehave – crazy); I almost cut my left thumb off when one of my “brothers” switched electric saws on me and gave me the broken one; I witnessed a spooked deer jump through a plate glass window; I was present at a very strange thing called “donkey ball” (high school gym full of people riding donkeys while simultaneously playing a game of basketball); a student committed suicide in the presence of another student (on the other student’s front porch, actually) and I was there the day they offered grief counseling to the kids. Unlike any of my other construction jobs, I left this one with a souvenir:  a metal locker that was given to me because all of the hall lockers were being replaced and thrown out and I really wanted one to decorate my oldest son’s room. I dragged this metal school locker cross-country when I moved to Albuquerque and now it lives in my youngest son’s bedroom. The problem is, it is still painted green and gold (my older son’s football team’s colors). I decided to give the locker a makeover today to get rid of the green and gold. Long live the GlenOak Golden Eagles, but not in my younger son’s bedroom.

Oh boy, was this an undertaking! First of all the thing was made in the 60’s out of ship metal or something equally impossible to lift, and it weighs a ton. Tall Handsome Son helped me get it to the living room and lie it on it’s back so that I could prime it. Then I painted it a shiny blackish grey. He chose “Wall Street Grey” for his room makeover, a more industrialized tone than the rest of the house which looks like a circus carnival gone terribly wrong. Good for him! Be your own, man, darling. The smell of this paint was horrendous. Uuuggghhhh!!!! I’m sure I have brain damage from this sweet little makeover. I’ve got to find a more humane and less toxic way to do these types of projects. This was horrible. But I think it’s going to look good in his room. This is step 1 of the bedroom makeover. Stay tuned for the next steps.

Starting the priming process for the previously green & gold locker


Hammered black locker

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