November 5 Teenager’s Room Makeover

“A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.” Dalai Lama

What changes a room dramatically, quickly and cheaply? You got it: PAINT. And for this reason, I love paint. I paint furniture, I paint walls, I paint stairs, I draw murals on my walls outside of the house (in chalk) so my environment constantly looks different. I prefer it that way, I bore easily. White walls drive me crazy. Absolutely crazy. As an added bonus, I’m even particular about the shade of white. Yep, I am totally nutso. When I moved into my current apartment, the walls were stark white, hospital white, migraine white, the white that glows in the dark. I didn’t like it at all and had to paint over the stark, bright, bleachy white in country white (which is more of a cream) just to sit in a room undisturbed.

My son does not share my love of a “la boheme” lifestyle. Our house looks like a funfetti cake that exploded. It is a junkyard of happy memories to me. His room is his domain and it’s pretty normal. Why? Because he is pretty normal. I intruded once and put up the tye-dyed sheets on the walls because I felt sad walking into a white room. He allowed the tye-dye to stay (he’s so sweet). The other day I asked him if he wanted to do anything new to the room and to my delight, we happily took a trip to the paint section of Walmart to look at different shades of grey. GREY. Ok, I can dig it. He chose the color “Wall Street Grey” and I dutifully bought a gallon for the walls. As I started painting, I noticed that his bright, open-air room started to feel smaller, so I stopped. I painted opposite walls instead of all four walls. I also painted some random blinds that I had lying around the house to use as window coverings. Voila! Instant room makeover.




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