November 7 Artist’s Reception

Version 2
High Key Lighting

“Life is a great canvas, throw all the paint on it that you can.”

My son goes to an arts school. He takes drawing classes, film production, photography, music production and film lighting classes. He went to an art school in Ohio but it was fine arts. He learned violin and piano there. His school gets a lot of community support and tonight my First was to attend an Artist’s Reception at O’Neill’s Pub. Yep, everything is combined with drinking in this town. The students’ art was displayed throughout the restaurant on the walls and several students sold their one-of-a-kind, original pieces. It was great to see their art. There was a  lot of what I can only describe as teenage angst in the art. Beautiful angst. I love artists more than any other group of people in the world! My son didn’t submit any art this time around but maybe next Spring he will submit a few photographs. He’s got a great eye for photography and lighting.

Here is some of his work. In these photos he is the creative director (he came up with the concept, created the props and the setting, adjusted all lighting) and he is also the subject. He has some pretty sweet photographs of his classmates but I felt kinda weird about putting someone else’s kid on my blog, so we’ve chosen not to show those. I’ve never seen his photography before today. He has a portfolio of about 500 photos that he shared with me!

Silhouette Lighting
Silhouette Lighting, it was his idea to wear aluminum foil… LOVE IT! So original and I love the way I picks up the light.
Renaissance photo that my son chose to re-create
Fellow photography students helping him get in costume for the photo re-creation
Renaissance photo re-creation
High Key Lighting – super cute!


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