November 8 The Deal


“If I can stop cussing, anybody can stop cussing.” Prince

This is The Deal: I am going to stop swearing and my son is going to start working out. I am going to use more of those $50 words that I spent college years educating myself upon and he is going to be a lean, mean, muscle machine. To help us stay true to the game and keep it moving in the right direction, I have a Swear Jar (funny, I know) and each swear word costs 50 cents but no one ever has 50 cents so it’ll probably end up costing a buck. Then we are going to do something totally awesome with the money (assuming there is any money – I have complete faith in my ability to not “cuss like a sailor” –  my mom’s words). And to keep him true to the game of working out regularly, we are going to take photos on every first of the month, to note his progress. He has already started a program of 1). Healthy eating – or should I say just eating? The boy doesn’t eat! 2). Increasing water consumption throughout the school day – he drinks water but he doesn’t drink throughout the day to stay actively hydrated, so we bought a handy-dandy canteen water bottle to help with this goal 3). Getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, including weekends. Oh yeah, and 4). Working out with weights to build that lean body mass. Bring it!


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