November 19 Autumn Leaves


“People say you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it.”

I used to live in what is now a million dollar home in Alameda, California on a beautiful tree lined street directly across from the estuary. The house was dope but not a million dollars dope (ahem 1.6 million), that’s just one more example of the wicked monster that the California Real Estate Game has become. Yuck. Back in the day, when Autumn would arrive, I loved to crunch the leaves under my feet as I walked to school or strolled the neighborhood. I still love crunching Autumn Leaves. My Someone Special brought me Autumn leaves from the tree in front of my old house in Alameda today! The same leaves from the same tree 1,073 miles away! The same leaves that he and I used to walk on and crunch thirty years ago. Say whaaaattttt???? Yeah, I know. There are no words for such a sweet and thoughtful act of love. It touched my heart. I’m not going to crunch these leaves, though. They are sacred.

My Beloved Eva 1963-1996


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