November 20 Feeding the Geckos

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

In case you haven’t gathered, I am a scaredy cat. I am especially afraid of crickets and roaches but I’m cool with (some) spiders. Beetles scare the crap out of me but snakes, not so much. Bears and mountain lions are deadly in my eyes but bats, I’m okay with. Public speaking and performing – no problem. But ask me to stay home alone and I just might cry. Skydiving, hell yes but swimming is a no-go. What I’m saying is that fear is irrational and it is inconsistent. And you just never know when you will have the opportunity to face fear right in it’s ugly face and let it know who’s boss. Even if you need instructions on how to do this, do it.

I was given instructions on how to feed two geckos today. Just open the bag of crickets and shake them out into the gecko cage. Simple, right? Yep. But what if one gets loose and starts hopping around my bedroom? Or worse, hops on me? You think of all of the things that could potentially happen when you are a big ol’ scaredy cat. But then you call everyone in the house around you (for strength) and you open the bag and dump the scary, killer crickets into the cage because now you have an audience and it would be super embarrassing if you chickened out. I realize that I am a cream puff and I never grew up tearing the wings off of things for fun or catching them and putting them in jars, then fighting them with each other. Nope, never did that. Totally missed that part of human development. So all of these creepy things scare me. In the end, I fed the geckos but I was scared to death.



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