November 25 The Crest

At sunset from atop the Sandia Mountains

“Choose the mountains you want to climb wisely.” Rachel Wolchin

With new folks in town, we decided to head to the Sandia Crest for sunset this evening. Good idea, poor execution. For starters, we missed the sunset but saw the afterglow. I left too late and overestimated my car’s ability to handle the mountain. We were literally crawling up the back side of the mountain at like 10MPH. It seemed to take forever as the sun dwindled out of sight on the other side of the mountain. When we got to the Crest lookout point at ~10,600 feet above sea level, it was COLD. Like colder than you could imagine cold ever being. Dry cold. Desert cold. The sun just went down and it’s 20-something degrees cold. I had boots, coat, gloves, scarf and hat and I was chilled to my core. I was the most dressed in our group, so I can only imagine how cold they all were. I don’t own a thermos, so I didn’t bring hot chocolate (or whiskey) and we basically took an hour to get up there to stay for 5 minutes, then leave, freezing. On the upside, this was a good test. Now I know how to do it better next time.



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