November 27 Volcanoes

One of three Albuquerque volcanoes

“We are, all of us, growing volcanoes that approach the hour of their eruption, but how near or distant that is, nobody knows – not even God.” Friedrich Nietzsche

We have volcanoes right in our backyard – true story. I’ve never gone to visit them until today. There are three volcanoes in Albuquerque, affectionately known as the Three Sisters, approximately 150,000 years old. The volcanoes are a sacred place of worship for many generations of Native and Hispanic people. Ancestral and modern Pueblo peoples believe that hiking to the top of the volcanic cones desecrates this landscape. If you visit, please respect this belief by not climbing on or to the top of the volcanoes. We walked around them today, most of the trails were closed and it was WINDY and COLD. In summer, plan ahead and have lots of water, a hat and sunscreen. In winter, have tons of warm clothing and also water. The desert can be a very deceptive place.

Beautiful New Mexico landscape and sky – view of the Sandia Mountains from the volcanoes

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  1. ~Felicia~ says:

    Gorgeous. I live in Santa Fe.


    1. I’m sure you are used to all of the natural beauty in New Mexico! It still catches me off guard, in the best of ways. =D thanks for stopping by my page.

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