December 3 Calm Before the Heist

My team of bandits

Today was the best day ever! I started the morning with a hand and foot reflexology massage by Bri at Zen Well. So relaxing. I got extra salts in my foot bath for detoxification and essential oils to breathe in for help with sinus congestion. Then on to Yoga Yoga for an hour long class of Savasana. Yes, you read that right. An hour long yoga class of lying down on a comfy mat, bolstered in places that require support, with warm blankets and a soothing voice prompting me to “let go” and “melt” into the floor. Do I love my life? Yes, I do.

Later in the evening, we opted to take the adrenaline level up a notch by visiting an Escape Room: Lockout Austin. We chose the Casino Heist theme. We were given one hour to break into the safe in the casino, steal all the money and break out without getting caught. We had so much fun and we made it out with four minutes to spare! The clues were very difficult but I had a great team and we all worked together to crack the code.

We did it!



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