December 11 The Wall Mount = FAIL

Fail safe – LAIVA shelf from IKEA

“Any fool can write a book and most of them are doing it; but it takes brains to build a house.” Charles F. Lummis

I wanted to mount a TV to the wall in my son’s bedroom. The walls in my house are made of adobe (read: Superman Steel).  The holes were not easy for a man who is much stronger than little old me to drill. Once he had that done, we got plastic anchors at Home Depot that didn’t quite fit in the drilled holes (the holes weren’t deep enough). He had to stop drilling prematurely because I believe he hit the center of the earth or something equally impervious to a masonry bit and a Black & Decker drill. Long story short, the TV is still sitting on the desk and is not mounted to the wall. We have not given up, just need time to re-group. If all else fails (again) I will buy a narrow, floor-standing, shelf of some sort. Going up to Colorado soon and may breeze in to IKEA.


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