December 14 Light Tour

This was my favorite house, the blue light house. I love how the moon hides behind the tree in this photo.

“The best gifts to give: to your friend, loyalty; to your enemy, forgiveness; to your boss, service; to a child, a good example; to your parents, gratitude and devotion; to your mate, love and faithfulness; to all men and women, charity. “ Oren Arnold

Every city has that neighborhood that is known to go all-out with lights and Christmas decorations. When I lived in Alameda, that place was right in my neighborhood. Thompson Avenue, I think they may have renamed it to Christmas Tree Lane. Older Charming and Also Handsome Son loved going there every Christmas. He is a Christmas baby so those memories will always be special for me.

In my current city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have heard rumors of the Country Club Area, the “Gingerbread House” and others but I guess I never had the Christmas Spirit enough to get off my bum and go have a look. Tonight I mapped out the approximate locations based on info I could gather from friends and the internet and made myself a map with turn-by-turn driving directions. I got off work, grabbed the fam and headed out. Here are a couple of houses that we saw:



It wasn’t as spectacular as we thought it would be but it was one way to get in the holiday spirit.


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