December 17 The Goddess

The OTHER goddess in my bedroom…she’s kinda fucking awesome.

“A goddess is a woman who breaks the mold, she’s who she wants to be… and she offers no apologies.” Lisa Marie Rosati

YOU are a goddess and goddess energy is for EVERYONE. Men, women, dogs, cats, geckos…. How to ignite your goddess energy? Look no further, darlin’. Let’s do this.

  1. Honor the goddess within by loving yourself as you are now. Speak your truth, wear your truth, be your truth. If you are a yoga-pants-wearing chick who wraps your hair because you don’t want to have to style it everyday, who speaks sometimes-too-loudly, who gets your namaste on the daily, go ahead and rock that. Speak kindly to yourself, love big and appreciate the quirks that make you your own kind of goddess.
  2. Smile, laugh, be joyful. Share your joyfulness with everyone you meet on your journey. Step into your goddess self.
  3. Create a sacred space for yourself where you offer yourself and all who enter, unconditional love. This supportive space is like a womb. Set boundaries around your sacred space that allow you to give your time and commitment where you want to give it.
  4. Breathe consciously.

Most importantly, find what works for you, I don’t really want to give you a comprehensive list. These four suggestions are a good start, but do you, boo-boo. Be your own goddess. Rock it.

I received what I recognized to be a goddess gift today and I placed her in my bedroom, my sanctuary, my womb. The giver embodies the energy of the goddess (even though he is a man) which is to love and be loved, to be open to possibilities and above all to give of oneself. I love my new goddess and love that she watches over me. I placed her in the only place that I think is really acceptable for her to be placed. She is lovingly, hand-made by the giver’s grandmother and I hope she brings the energy of all the places that she has been, all that she has seen, heard and learned in her sixty years of existence. Go find your goddess and share her with the world.

Here, mine lives:



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