December 26 Pajama Party

“It’s always better to be slightly under dressed.” Coco Chanel

I’ve been going to the grocery store in my pajamas – long before Walmart made this popular. Yes, this is a true story, I was twenty-something once. I used to go to the grocery store on Saturday mornings in my pajamas because I just didn’t give a damn. These days, yoga pants are about as casual as I get in public. My neighbor / co-worker invited me to a super-chill after Christmas Party tonight and the invitation said “extra points if you wear pajamas”. Not really expecting any “extra points” but definitely down for a comfy evening of finger foods and lounging, I suggested to my fam that we all go in pajamas. How fun, right? Well… no one else was wearing pajamas! It’s cool when it’s a “thing” and everyone does it. It’s weird when one family shows up in robes and pajamas and the hostess is wearing sequins. Yes, this is my life.


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