December 31 Green Tea Kit-Kats and The End

Found these in Cost Plus today

I tried a Green Tea Kit-Kat candy today and it was surprisingly good, smooth. I first thought it was made out of seaweed or something super weird. I was hoping for more of a taste sensation but it was pretty mellow. The end of the year (and this blog) has come upon me in a pretty smooth and mellow way as well. I have completed my goal of learning or doing one new thing every single day for all of 2016. Most days I did more than one new thing but chose not to write about each one. Some days were challenging because you just don’t always want to do something. Some days are legitimate “I wanna be lazy / sad / mad or alone” days. I didn’t know if I would be able to complete one entire year. After the first week, I was quite daunted by this new task.

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions (I didn’t do all of them). I have several more goals on my 2017 to-do list because of you. Thanks to all who participated with me. I’m not going to  keep the blog going after December 31, 2016 but I will still challenge and push myself in 2017 and any and all suggestions in that direction are welcome. You can leave a comment (below) or hit me up on social media: Instagram (Starchild2016), Facebook (Lulu Starchild), Twitter (Starchild2016@LuluStarchild), Email (

As a result of my year of Firsts, I can now crochet and hula hoop. I lost 30 pounds, advanced my yoga practice, learned new workouts; traveled some; had my heart broken; played dress up, and then dressed up again, again and again ( I really love to play dress up!); learned a choreographed dance and performed it in public; learned cultural and just plain fun facts about New Mexico; did all manner of silly and sillier things; made amends; learned about myself through my love for others; succeeded and failed.

Thank you, Lu Ann Cahn for inspiring me initially and thank you to all the friends and strangers that jumped in and helped me realize that I can find a friend anywhere and be happy doing anything.


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